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Joint Task Force Two [JTF2] Official Clan Thread

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Joint Task Force Two [JTF2] Official Clan Thread  Empty Joint Task Force Two [JTF2] Official Clan Thread

Post  Bella_HM on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:23 pm

This is the clan thread for the clan JTF2. Lately we have been having some communication problems and this is to fix those. Please keep this a clean topic. We don't want people talking about random things, because then it will make it harder to communicate again. I will update this part with news for JTF2. These updates include player rosters, clan tournament times and dates, and clan stats.

Clan Roster:
=will, for sure, be at the first round of the tournament (tell me if you'll be there)
=should be there
=no response
=probably wont be there
=will not be there, for sure

1.Carlos Spicy Weine~ rank: 1197/ KDR: 2.29
2.tomh2092~ rank: 1244/ KDR: 1.2
3.PeteMos~ rank: 249/ KDR: 2.5
4.French Toast!!!!~ rank: 639/ KDR: 1.9
5.a tree~ rank: 1280/ KDR: 1.49
6.-JARHEAD-~ rank: 905/ KDR: 1.75
7.pdane~ rank: 585/ KDR: 1.62
8.too awsome~ rank: 381/ KDR: 1.9

Clan average~ rank: 810/ KDR: 1.83/1


July 23, at 9pm (EST) JTF2 will battle iClan in the first round of the "Island Fever" clan tournament. It is important that you translate this into your own time zone. Here is a screenshot of the clan members...

@JTF2 members- keep our eye on this post constantly. You never know when important news could come up out of no where.


July 20, 2010, JTF2 officially signs up for clan tournament, "Island Fever". Please be training at Monkey Island, all JTF2 members.

July 21, 2010, JTF2 members plan on having practice. Members too awsome, a tree, and -JARHEAD- find each other in the lobby. After playing a game at MI for practice, these members decide to go play a team game for fun. Owner, Carlos Spicy Weine finds the three and joins in. They fight hard, all on team blue and dominate all. Member, a tree, was kicked off but came back and began to fight hard again and soon cought up with the rest of the JTF2 members. Adding a tree's scores he had about the same as too awsome (nobody was keeping track enough to know exact numbers). Here is the screenshot too awsome took to remember this practice that turned into a butt-kicking!


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