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Soul-Jah [ Jah] Clan Thread

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Soul-Jah [ Jah] Clan Thread Empty Soul-Jah [ Jah] Clan Thread

Post  Bella_HM on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:23 pm

We are the united front...Once a dream, but now a reality. The meaning behind the name derived from the concept of "Holy Warrior". Soul, symbolizing the spirit of man and Jah, representing a higher power. The two words combined and reiterated in fast tongue, speak as though, one is trying to say the word "Soldier". Countless sacrifices were made in the formation of the Jah's. After 2months of planning, Soul Jah was founded by its four clan members Kisame4988, Skitzin.Snowman, Farmer Giles & StylezXY.The islands of Paradise Paintball will never be the same as long as Soul Jah is around...

(updated June 22, 2010)

1. StylezXY - Rank 13 / Splats - 62,859 / Splatted - 9,684 / KDR - 6.49
2. Farmer Giles - Rank 54 / Splats - 38,033 / Splatted - 8,564 / KDR - 4.44
3. skitzin.snowman - Rank 99 / Splats - 26,529 / Splatted - 2,740 / KDR - 9.68
4. Kisame4988 - Rank 115 / Splats - 23,682 / Splatted - 10,071 / KDR - 2.35
5. king_john - Rank 58 / Splats - 37,620 / Splatted - 12,247 / KDR - 3.07
6. ATOMjke - Rank 749 / Splats - 7,103 / Splatted - 1,610 / KDR - 4.41
7. Flim - Rank 27 / Splats - 53,464 / Splatted - 10,754 / KDR - 4.97

July 2nd 2010 - Schedules announced for 14 Day Clan Tournament. 1st round the Jah's will face the clan TaintedSoldier

July 2nd 2010 - Flim joins Soul-Jah! He is the 8th man in the clan and recruitment is now closed

July 3rd 2010 - Tainted Solider clan leader & XY are trying to work out a time for the 1st round of our tournament match. If players can make it to a Sunday match @ 6pm (EST) please let your clan leader know. If confused on your times please PM clan leader.

July 4th 2010 - It's been confirmed! Soul-JAH's 1st round tournament match will be help Sunday @ 6pm EST. Players confirmed so far are Flim, ATOM, Kisame, StylezXY. If you wish to play its not too late, please PM StylezXY

July 4th 2010 - False Alarm! The tournament is not until Monday, July 5th 2010 @ 6pm. Tainted Soldier could not get enough players together so the PWNing will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm sorry and thank you to all who showed up at today's time.

July 5th 2010 - Soul-JAH won their first round match against "Tainted Soldier" clan. JAH will advance to the 2nd round that will be held on Wends. @ 7:30pm EST against CofW.

July 7th 2010 - Today's match against CofW was a great success! Snake Doc and those guys put up a good fight, but JAH overwhelmed them in both games. Soul-JAH advances to the semi-finals against Bella's clan "Moon"

July 7th 2010 - Tournament schedule released. Semi final match will be held on Friday @ 7:30pm. Please see clan leader for help with time conversions

July 9th 2010 - JAH vs Moon today @ 7:30 pm EST (North America). PM XY if you can make this match. We have zero confirmed players...

July 9th 2010 - JAH defeats MOON in the semi-finals! The clan will advances to the Finals. They will face Prime Noobs on Monday @ 7:30pm EST (North America)

July 12th 2010 - JAH WINS THE TITLE OF ORIENTAL KENZO CHAMPIONS!!! Soul-JAH takes home the trophy in the 1st 14 day tournament A clan leader couldn't be happier with his clan. This clan has lived up to ALL of its expectations and much more. Thank you for commitment and loyalty. JOB WELL DONE YOU GUYS!!! Stay tuned for prize announcement

July 13th 2010 - LiLTwis has left Soul-JAH clan to begin his own independent clan. Thank you for your servitude & loyalty LiLTwiizzy

July 18th 2010 - Day before Clan tournament registration. Soul-JAH will be signing up tomorrow. ATOMjke is away on vacation for a few days, but will return shortly. JAH recruitment marches on in search for "The Chosen One"

July 19th 2010 - Soul-JAH has officially been registered for the upcoming tournament. Round 1 is on Friday @ 9pmEST (North America). Please see clan leader for time conversions


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Soul-Jah [ Jah] Clan Thread Empty That last spot

Post  USA shooter on Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:04 pm

I hope i will fill it soon!

USA shooter

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