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The Unit [TU] Clan Thread

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The Unit [TU] Clan Thread Empty The Unit [TU] Clan Thread

Post  Bella_HM on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:24 pm

Back on a cold day in January 2010, The Unit was born with Snake Doctor as the leader. The Clan recruited and lost numerous players over the months until June when a big change happened. The Unit disbanded and was formed into the brother clans (ofW's). The Unit was now called Commandos of War [CofW]. Commandos of War played their first and only tournament in July, but then StylezXY founder of the brother clans quit the (ofW's) and created Jah, that's when the (ofW's) started to fall apart...
Later in July Snake Doctor left our clan for the Prime Noobs and granted Ownership to Army of One. After asking the clan and reviewing the options Army of One decided to change the clan back to it's former name [The Unit]. Commandos of War was disbanded and will never be heard of again. Although, best of luck for the road ahead for the (ofW's) brother clans. The Unit is now born again and ready to take a new lease on the clans of Paradise Paintball...

Re-birth: July 9th, 2010
Description: The ultimate clan for elite players.
Motto: "Stealthy, deadly."

For all Clan Registrations, contact me: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&action=post
We are looking for real beasts for this clan, not just an everyday player. We prefer players who don't make credit items a primary part of their game. Your Rank & KDR don't affect your chances of making it into TU. It all matters about your skill.
Also, you must be an active Forum Member, and be able to chat (IM) on Skype.

Clan Uniform: Uniform Shirt & Pants, Your choice of hair color and face item


July 5th: CofW (TU) wins over mafias [mfa] in Round 1 of the Tournament

July 7th: CofW (TU) loses to Soul-Jah [Jah] in Round 2 of the Tournament

July 9th: The Unit has been re-born and all former CofW members have been sent invites

July 10th: The Official The Unit clan thread has been made!

July 11th: Welcome Elijah Leverett to The Unit! Also, welcome back thedude01 and Joe Everybody!]

July 15th: MTP WRESTLER & USA shooter has left The Unit

July 18th: Bella_HM joins The Unit!

July 18th: Bella_HM leaves The Unit? Anyway, nashton JOINS The Unit!

July 21st: MTP WRESTLER crawls back to The Unit!

(updated: July 18th, 2010)
1. Army of One- Rank: 268 | KDR: 3.72
2. Dark Spikes- Rank: 145 | KDR: 1.85
3. Elijah Leverett- Rank: 128 |KDR: 2.43
4. thedude01- Rank: 43 | KDR: 3.93
5. Joe Everybody- Rank: 73 | KDR: 4.99
6. nashton- Rank: 98 | KDR: 2.29
7. MTP WRESTLER- Rank: 112 | KDR: 2.70


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