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Official "Island Fever" Tournament (Registration) [CLOSED]

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Official "Island Fever" Tournament (Registration) [CLOSED] Empty Official "Island Fever" Tournament (Registration) [CLOSED]

Post  Bella_HM on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:25 pm

Registration lasts from July 19th to July 21st (UTC -5)


-Games will be played on Monkey Island, 4 vs 4 (The PP3D version 4.0 will not be released anytime during this tournament).

-A minimum of 3 players must be present to represent the clan in a game. If there are less than 3 players, the clan will be disqualified.

-No credit items are allowed (armor, shotgun, face-masks..etc).

-At the end of the matches, at least one player must take a screenshot of the scores and post them in an official tournament topic (to be created) within 24 hours of scheduled play. Clan leaders are responsible for making sure the screenshots are posted (even if they didn’t take them themselves).

*On how to take screenshots, for Mac Click Here, for PC Click Here

-All rounds will be 10 minutes long. There will be two regulation rounds. In the event of a tie, clans must play another 10 minute round. The clan with the highest score at the end of each 10 minute round will be declared the winner.

-You must act mature in the games, and use appropriate language, and not rage quit.

If any of these requirements are not followed, your clan will be disqualified.


- A predetermined schedule will be provided at registration date so that clans may be fully aware of tournament obligation.

- If clans have an issue with times on the schedule they may contact a tournament moderator who may assist you in finding a new time that works for both clans.

- If a clan fails to make their designated time of match (TOM), then they will be disqualified from the tournament

Tournament Schedule (Eastern Standard Time, UTC -5)

Round 1 - Friday, July 23rd @ 9pm
Round 2 - Monday, July 26th @ 9pm
Round 3 - Wednesday, July 28th @ 9pm
Round 4 - Friday, July 30th @ 9pm

The following time zones have been preconverted to reflect the current round's time of play

North America – Time Conversions (Simple Format)
-Eastern Time Zone UTC -5: Game Time July 23rd @ 9pm
-Central Time Zone UTC -6: Game Time July 23rd @ 8pm
-Mountain Time Zone UTC -7: Game Time July 23rd @ 7pm
-Pacific Time Zone UTC -8: Game Time July 23rd @ 6pm

Europe - Time Conversions (Simple Format)
-Eastern European Time UTC +2: Game Time July 24th @ 4am
-Central European Time UTC +1: Game Time July 24th @ 3am
-Western European Time UTC(GMT): Game Time July 24th @ 2am

China - Time Conversion (Simple Format)
-Beijing UTC +8: Game Time July 24th @ 9am

Australia - Time Conversions (Simple Format)
-Eastern Standard Time UTC +10: Game Time July 24th @ 11am
-Central Standard Time UTC +9:30: Game Time July 24th @ 10:30am
-Western Standard Time UTC +8: Game Time July 24th @ 9am

Timezone Converter


Winning clan of the Island Fever Tournament will receive Snow Camo for their avatars.
This camo has never been released to the public!

Registration Guidelines
We ask that before you register your clan in the Island Fever Tournament, that you check to see how active you will be during the tournament. Clan leaders need to be active so that the games run more smoothly.

In order to register for the Island Fever Tournament clans must have their clan leaders post the following information in exact order:
Clan Name
Clan Tag
Link to Clan Page
Clan Name: Soul-Jah
Clan Tag: Jah
Link to Clan Page:

If you have any questions please contact one of the Tournament Moderators:
-Army of One


If the clan leader is not the one to register your clan, then that clans registration application shall be deleted. Please contact a tournament moderator if your clan is experiencing difficulties with this rule.


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