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How to make true friends

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How to make true friends Empty How to make true friends

Post  Bella_HM on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:30 pm

if you have noticed when you Play Paradise Paintball; you find yourself talking to the same person for the whole day. Then all if the sudden the person asked you, "can I send you a friend's request", you say, "yes". After you accept it you are now friends, but when they leave the game you never see that friend again, or one day you see them again and find out your "friend" is cussing. Whoops, you made a big mistake that you can't fix. Before sending a friend's request (same with accepting) you should be hanging out with your buddy for at least a month before you send a friend's request to them and observe how they act. Also make sure you see your buddy in the forums to see if they add post, help newbies, and stuff like that. If you get friends request from a moderator you can trust them all right!

PS: Please tell me if there are any improvements I can add to this topic, or spelling/grammar issues.


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