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superriku11 training for new comers

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superriku11 training for new comers  Empty superriku11 training for new comers

Post  Bella_HM on Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:41 am

Superriku11 is making a new series that will be helpful to Noobs, and even Pros'! Hopefully this will improve the skills of all of you. The video's will have live commentary to go with them so I will help you along the way! The episodes in this series will be released weekly over the months of July and August, the episodes will be filmed, edited, and uploaded by me, and will star me, Army of One, and likely other players if he can get a hold of the ones I am looking for. These video's will be posted on YouTube, so make sure you're Subscribed to Superriku11, I hope you all enjoy these Video Guides and get the most out of them!

Each new episode/video guide will be posted below, please check back weekly for a new episode!


Episode 1:



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